I'll take pieces of you with me, I'll take parts you never knew. And one day you will wake up without warning or a clue and start to notice little things that are missing parts of you. I took them because I need you, I took them to be mine. I took them so you miss them, so you'd want them back in time. /
Anonymous said:
You made the guidebook? You know Moonie isn't around anymore right? Why is she in it? She was owned by miley for like two days and wasn't even her choice of dog

why are you so pressed about moonie being in that guidebook?

Hey there you made that Miley guide book, and i would LOVE to know which program you used to make it

photoshop cs4

Hey Ya! (HQ Cover)
Miley Cyrus — 5,082 plays
do you have any tips on getting a lot of notes on selfies?? im a novice selfie taker


i can’t help u no one cared about my selfies until i got famous 

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